Chia sẻ full các khóa học về IOS trên trang

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List tài liệu

  1. Parsing JSON Using Codable
  2. Programmatic Auto Layout
  3. Auto Layout Basics Cookbook
  4. Auto Layout Basics
  5. Stack Views Cookbook
  6. Build a Selfie App
  7. Build an Image Viewer
  8. What is New in Swift 4
  9. Introduction to Core Data
  10. Build a Restaurant Reviews App
  11. Practice Using Operators in Swift
  12. Practice Manipulating Data in Swift
  13. Displaying API Data with Collection Views in Objective-C
  14. Build An iTunes Search App
  15. Introduction to Table Views
  16. Build a Weather App
  17. Closures in Swift
  18. Generics in Swift
  19. Dependency Injection in Swift
  20. Build an Interactive Story App with Swift
  21. Delegation in iOS
  22. API Design Guidelines in Swift
  23. Intermediate Swift
  24. Functional Reactive Programming in Swift
  25. Build a Vending Machine App in Swift
  26. Error Handling in Swift
  27. Protocols in Swift
  28. Introduction to React Native for iOS
  29. Enumerations and Optionals in Swift
  30. Build a Simple iPhone App with Swift
  31. Object-Oriented Swift
  32. Local User Notifications in iOS
  33. Functions in Swift 
  34. Getting Started with Realm
  35. Swift Collections and Control Flow
  36. Concurrency in iOS
  37. Swift Basics
  38. Dependency Management with Carthage for iOS
  39. Custom Views in iOS
  40. Protocol Oriented Programming with Swift 2
  41. Nullability Annotations in Objective-C
  42. User Interface Testing
  43. Migrating to Swift 3
  44. MVVM in iOS
  45. Unit Testing in iOS
  46. iOS Instruments: Allocations
  47. iOS Instruments: Time Profiler
  48. iOS Instruments: Leaks
  49. Dependency Management with CocoaPods for iOS
  50. Objective-C for Swift Developers
  51. Introduction to Auto Layout in iOS
  52. Debugging for iOS
  53. Object-Oriented Objective-C
  54. Git for iOS
  55. Comparing Code: Swift and Objective-C
  56. iOS Design Patterns
  57. Objective-C Basics
  58. iOS Memory Management
  59. iOS Submitting to the App Store
  60. iOS Improving Interaction with Animation
  61. What's New in Swift 2.0
  62. KIF Testing
  63. UIKit Dynamics
  64. Debugging Auto Layout
  65. Custom View Controller Transitions
  66. Build a Playlist Browser with Objective-C
  67. Build a Simple iPhone App with Objective-C
  68. Local Notifications in iOS
  69. Build a Game with Sprite Kit
  70. Attributed Strings in iOS
  71. Unit Testing in iOS

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